Mindful Kids for Kids Summer Camp is a fun instructional camp focused on increasing the well-being of all children ages 5-11.  During camp, children will have the opportunity to interact with peers their age, as well as participate in mindful educational activities such as gardening, tie dying, and teamwork exercises. Children will be split into two age groups 5-8 and 8-11 in order to customize learning to their needs. All supplies for activities will be personally delivered to your door. Kids will not only practice critical developmental skills, but have fun doing so! 

Camp Activities 

Mindful Kids for Kids summer camp 2020 will take place virtually to maintain social distancing during the weeks of July 5th and July 12th. 

Three days each week, one hour/day, there will be comprehensive mindfulness workshops from Tuesday-Thursday filled with engaging activities. All supplies for the activities will be delivered to your doorstep each day by a camp counselor. By the end, your child will have learned healthy habits and critical development skills!

Each week is $90 per child. Participants can register for both weeks 1 & 2 for $180, or pick one week. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Day 1: Glitter Calming Jar

Introduction to mindfulness, kid-friendly brain science lessons and the art of deep breathing

Day 3: Gardening

Growing the heart and soul: learning responsibility and ownership while building a community garden! 

Day 5: Painting

Relax the mind with paint-by-numbers or free paint, practice mind visualization techniques

Day 2: Design your own Yoga Mat

Practice fun yoga poses to ease the mind & body with Nikki, our certified yoga instructor

Day 4: TieDying T-Shirts

How to handle a swirl of emotions: lessons on meditation; keep and give a t-shirt to support a charity!

Day 6: Make your own Slime

Practice flexibility and letting go with fun slime creation