Guiding children in the cultivation

of mind, presence of heart and

presence of body.

All Day Workshops Series
Community Outreach
Child & Family Counseling

Our day workshop series offer a safe and structured environment where children can explore ways of bringing mindfulness into their lives.  The days are filled with fun, exploratory groups in areas including yoga, mindful eating, meditation and movement, chat groups, music, dance and creative arts.  A staff of trained professionals who specialize in working with kids run each group.  It is our goal that each child will embrace their potential in a positve, fun and nurturing environment.

Kids for Kids is passionate about bringing mindfulness to children in many diverse settings.  We customize our workshops to be offered in various community settings including preschools, K-12 schools, after-school programs, sport teams, churches, synagogues and more.  Please contact us today to see how we can help you build and nurture mindfulness skills for your staff and children you work with.

Kids for Kids also offers one on one counseling for children, adolescents and their families.  The center is commited to an approach to therapy that deals with underlying causes of problems and that assists children, adolescents and their families to create a strong psychological foundation for ongoing growth. 

The foundation of therapy is the relationship with a trusted, specially trained therapist who can help young  people deal with  the causes of distress and help them aquire skills to cope more effectively.  Young children often communicate through play; older children may prefer talk.  The goal is to create a situation in which children can express themselves fully in order to develop self understanding and new, lasting changes in emotional states and behavior.  Several modalities used by our trained therapists include play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma informed therapy and family therapy.


Mindfulness for Children:

Fun, Effective Ways to Strengthen Mind, Body, Spirit

& Resources

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Catch your Breath, Catch

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Annette Ferrigno, LCSW

Some quick and simple tips on how to be mindful of your breath.  This will help with the balance you need

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